About us

Since 1934, Herbrand, a family-run company, has, in its capacity as a partner of Daimler AG, been providing you with
advice on and practical assistance in all matters concerning the Mercedes-Benz make.

In 2007, new car makes and a continuously growing service and product portfolio in the most diverse business segments led to the establishment of Herbrand Holding as the parent company of the various subsidiaries.
We are thus now service or sales partners for other manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz, Ford, Kia, Jeep, Toyota, BMW, and so on.
Furthermore, our Group of companies encompasses an IT service provider, a refurbishment company,
a marketing and call centre provider and a personnel services company.

Herbrand GmbH supplies you with original spare parts for the following makes:
Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Kia, Opel, Fiat, Smart, Mini, Chrysler, Ford, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Dodge, Jeep, Skoda, Seat, EvoBus, Fuso und DAF

As a workshop or company, you can buy these spare parts from us at attractive prices regardless of whether or not you are a contracting partner of the respective makes. The spare parts will be supplied to you within a very short period . In a storage facility spanning close to 17,000 square metres, we maintain stock of all spare parts for most of all makes listed and for their various models. In the event that a particular item is not in stock, it can be quickly procured and supplied via a sophisticated logistics system.